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Reflections: World tourism Day 2021

September 27, 2021

Travel. This one word evokes emotions and brings connections to people, cultures, and experiences near and far. The simple act of travel whether by car, bike, rail, air, or sea influences our global perspectives as we traverse rural landscapes, urban city centers or rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.

The impacts of COVID-19 as a global pandemic have not only amplified the critical importance of travel and tourism to the economic stability of communities around the globe - but it has also placed the spot- light on the continued impacts that travel has on our fragile ecosystems and global climate. The travel and tourism industries collaborative approach to support business recovery while also bolstering sustainable tourism practices are noted on this World Tourism Day 2021.

The collective efforts of the global travel, tourism, and hospitality industry to work together to implement solutions to bolster sustainable tourism initiatives has support in many arenas. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as the United Nations specialized agency is one of the signature organizations leading the way for tourism’s key inclusion of minorities, youth and communities ensuring all are represented across all travel and tourism sectors.

“There are evolving efforts that are taking shape in bringing collective and collaborative efforts together across the tourism industry.” states Richard Peterson, President & CEO of U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC).

“From cultural experiences to historic places, and destination landscapes urban and rural, the ingredients can be reimagined through cultural collaborations to address tourism recovery and sustainable business engagements across every tourism sector.”, concludes Peterson.

Pictured Left:

Richard Peterson, President & CEO USCHMC

On this World Tourism Day 2021, let’s not only reflect on the positive influences of tourism, but also dedicate ourselves to the critical and important work of addressing gender equality, poverty, work inequalities and diversity, equity and inclusion within travel and tourism; each play a part in the fair and sustainable development of tourism for our future.

To learn more about UNWTO visit:

To learn more about World Tourism Day visit:

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