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Film Festivals: Americart 2019 To Be Featured Nationally

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Americart 2019

Created by Legit Productions

In Partnership With

U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council

Selected For Coveted Film Festivals & Nominations


San Francisco : October 6, 2020 – Following the anticipated August 2020 summer premiere of Americart 2019, the documentary is already garnering national attention for the unique perspectives and diverse stories that connect art to the human spirit.

Americart 2019 is documentary film featuring the individual stories of artists, museum curators, craft makers and communities across America's Heartland. Created by New York based Legit Productions, and presented by WhistlePig Rye Whiskey and in partnership with the U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council, the documentary provides diverse and personal perspectives into the national conversations about art.

"I'm thrilled to see that the members of the jury of the prestigious Chelsea Film Festival have selected Americart 2019 to be in official competition for the 2020 edition. This is the recognition of the hard work of the film’s Director EFDLT Studio and the entire film crew to create this beautiful and inspiring documentary.” states Pierre Gervois, of Legit Productions and Executive Producer of the film.

“We are so proud to have a total of four official selections in film festivals, including the Chelsea Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, Chicago Indie Film Awards and Southern Regional Film Festival. Yes, art is indeed an essential part of the fabric of American society and Americart 2019 is showing this in ways never explored before." concludes Gervois.

The documentary takes viewers on a journey across America, visiting artists in Montgomery County, MD; Franklin, TN; Wichita, KS; McPherson, KS; Pueblo, CO; Glenwood Springs, CO; Elko, NV; Reno, NV; Baker County, OR; and Sonoma, CA.

“It is incredible how far we’ve come”, says EFDLT Studio, the Film Director of Americart 2019. “When I go back to the time Americart 2019 was just a dream of an artist - who barely believed in herself - it is just incredible. I just want to say follow your dream, follow your heart!” reflects EFDLT Studio. “So thank you so much to all of those who believed in me and supported me to make this dream come true.” concludes EFDLT Studio.

“This partnership with Legit Productions and their collaboration with Indie Rights provides the unique opportunity to bring a voice to the diversity of the arts, artisans and cultural experiences throughout our country.” said Richard Peterson, President & CEO of U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC). “It has been an honor to work in tandem with the Legit Productions and EFDLT Studio to partner on Americart 2019 and showcase the diversity of our national cultural & heritage experiences – through art in all of its forms of expression - and the communities the artists call home.” concludes Peterson.

The production is available to view via Legit Productions collaboration with Indie Rights with signature placement on the Amazon Prime streaming platform and other locations, sharing Americart 2019 with a global audience keen to delve into America’s arts & culture stories.


USCHMC represents the intersections of arts, culture and heritage - and the diverse experiences they bring to the cultural traveler. From individual artisans, museums, heritage sites, musicians, craft makers, outdoor adventures, cuisine and historic sites – the cultural connections abound. At the center of each community are the cultural, environmental and social impacts to each resident and visitor those connections provide. To bolster those key efforts, USCHMC delivers bespoke marketing, business planning, product development and strategic engagement solutions. Information available at

To learn more about the production and to view the documentary trailer, visit: Information about the production company is available via To learn more about Indie Rights, visit

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