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DMA West SUMMIT 2021: Cultural tourism TAKES THE STAGE

September 17, 2021– San Francisco:

The U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC) announces that Richard Peterson, President and CEO of USCHMC will be a featured thought leader for the upcoming 2021 DMA West Education Summit 2021.

DMA West 2021 Summit will take place September 29th - October 1st in Vancouver, WA.

“The opportunity to convene with such a dynamic group of destination sales and marketing professionals as the tourism industry turns their efforts towards the exciting recovery focus amid the pandemic’s impact - is a critical moment for us all.” said Richard Peterson, President of USCHMC. “Both socially and economically the associated consumer shifts are relevant to communities, urban and rural - of every size. And at the center is the blend of cultural & heritage experiences that are distinctly important to locals and visitors alike.” comments Peterson.

To learn more about DMA West visit:

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For more information on Richard Peterson's speaking and thought leadership programs visit

Pictured Left: Richard Peterson, CEO

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