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Caribbean Tourism Organization: Cultural & Heritage Marketing Spotlight

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

San Francisco - January 15, 2021 Richard Peterson, President & CEO of U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC) was the guest speaker of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’sCultural & Heritage Marketing – Practical Insights for Cultivating Consumer Connections” educational program.

Neil Walters, Secretary General (Acting) of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) shares, “ The opportunity to have Peterson share with our Caribbean member country representatives the critical elements associated with cultural & heritage marketing assessments was timely and extremely well positioned. The rolling impact of the global pandemic (COVID-19) to the wider Caribbean travel and tourism industry, and recommendations and resources for recovery, were central components to Peterson’s conversation.”, concludes Walters.

“We were pleased that Peterson could share a dynamic and informative presentation with our Caribbean tourism partners and community.” states Charlene Drakes, Executive Coordinator - Office of the Secretary General of the CTO. Peterson’s comprehensive session provided key guidelines and industry insights, from which our members will surely benefit, and which can be applied to their particular cultural and heritage tourism initiatives and country marketing strategies.”, concludes Drakes.

“The Caribbean offers travelers a kaleidoscope of community centered cultural & heritage experiences that spotlight the immense diversity and connections to heritage sites, historic places, music, agriculture, cuisine and artists of every genre.”, mentions Peterson. “The opportunity to engage with the CTO and share perspectives and key elements of bespoke cultural product focus - in tandem with collaborative marketing engagements - provided a canvas to amplify signature cultural & heritage experiences. This included a central ingredient of sustainable tourism practices.”, concludes Peterson.

About US Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council

USCHMC’s mission is to amplify the importance of global cultural & heritage sites, destinations, venues, artists, craft-makers, musicians, museums and experiences at the center of each community, and the social influence and impact to each resident and visitor. For more information about USCHMC visit

About Caribbean Tourism Organization: Visit

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