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Alaska Tourism engaging new perspectives

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

January 20, 2022

Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) hosted the virtual ATIA Annual Convention January 18-20, 2022, convening Alaskan tourism executives, supporters and community partners to showcase the dynamic opportunities for Alaska's tourism recovery and sustainable growth.

Richard Peterson, President & CEO of U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC) was invited by Sarah Leonard, President & CEO of ATIA to lead a critical conversation that facilitated diverse and robust dialogue for the conference audience and ATIA partners. The sessions focus was centered upon Destination Management for 2022 & Beyond.

Peterson took the 'virtual conference stage' alongside Holly Johnson, Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge; Mary Goddard, Southeast Sustainable Partnership; and Candace Carr Strauss, Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau.

“The Alaska Travel Industry Association is taking the bold steps and a collaborative approach to engage all areas of Alaska's travel & tourism business sectors - inclusive of the state's creative economy, heritage, history, Indigenous peoples and cultures." said Richard Peterson, President of USCHMC. "The dynamic work in hand, in tandem with succinct research, analysis and strategic planning will strengthen the efforts towards the sustained recovery focus amid the pandemic’s impact.”

"The evolution and shifting perspectives of consumer's - amid the social and economic shifts of our time - is relevant to communities, urban and rural - of every size. And at the center is the blend of cultural & heritage experiences that are distinctly important to locals and visitors alike.” concludes Peterson.

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