A Logo Inspired

In addition to being considered lucky, the seven stars represent the days of the week and that the opportunity to discover and explore culture & heritage experiences exists every day.

The colors of the stars were inspired by the song “America the Beautiful.” Amber waves of grain. Purple mountains majesty. Alabaster cities. Thy gold refine. Sea to shining sea. 

The different sizes of the stars represent the diversity and the different scale of cultural and heritage attractions and institutions across the country. Each no less important to the other.

The stars themselves draw on the long tradition of American iconography and symbolism. Each state is represented by a star on the American flag, and twenty-seven states and territories have stars on their flags. Stars appear on U.S. currency, the Great Seal of the United States, and countless other American symbols. Truly a symbol of America.

And while stars on their own have great significance, when they are grouped together into a constellation, they tell an even bigger story. To borrow a little Greek philosophy, “The sum is greater than the parts.” 

Marketing cultural & heritage venues collectively creates a much bigger and compelling story to share with a wider global audience. This messaging ultimately attracts visitors to the constellation of cultural & heritage experiences.